duminică, 4 septembrie 2011

How To Become The Leader Of The Pack Part 1

I couldn`t stop noticing how there are dogs that treat their owners really bad, disregarding every ly disrespecting them. I would stop and ask myself just how they managed to let this happen.
That was the moment when I remembered how wolves were tamed and became guard dogs, and how dogs still carry their ancestors genes. Dogs, just like wolves, are pack animals. They only answer to their leader, and they will only respect their leader. That`s why you should never give your dog the impression that he is your peer.  
Do you want to have a well behaving dog? Then start by looking at people around you. Notice how they have the tendency to behave like other people they admire? It goes the same with dogs. They look up to their owner, their leader, the one that feeds and protects them. If the leader acts aggressive, then the dog will copy the behavior.

Key point: Don`t treat your dog as a human, but don`t treat it as a mindless animal either.

Most of the people have a black and white point of view. They either treat their pet as a human, crying on their shoulder and expecting for moral support, or think that it`s impossible to understand and reason with a dog.
Obviously dogs aren`t human, but many people treat them that certain way. They share their problems with them, cry or get angry in their presence, things that are only leading to emotional confusion.
A good example of how people start treating animals more like humans is the following video: [insert video here]
The secret is balance. Dogs are sensitive and they perceive everything,. Your behavior can and will affect them.

Key point: Admit responsibility for your dog’s actions.

You can`t just walk around, noticing your dog`s conduct and just state that “He` only an animal, he doesn`t know much.”
I used to know this girl that had this really hyper Russell Terrier that kept on running around, biting on people’s clothes and breaking stuff. Whenever I would try to confront her about the dog destroying my property, her answer would be: ‘And what am I to do? Put him down? He`s just a crazy dog!’
You might say that she`s right, but think for a bit. Aren`t we the ones that teach, both consciously and unconsciously, our dogs how to behave? Chances are that if your dog has learned a bad behavior, he learned it from you. Stop putting the blame on the breed, the neighbor, cat or whatnot. Start focusing more on the way you act around the dog, and things will improve faster than you might think.